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Impacting Eternity, Finding the Lost,
Training the Found: Everywhere!
available to speak at your church, school, or event
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Dave Roever, D.D..,,
Founder, Chairman,
President of REAP International.

As founder, chairman, and president of two non-profit corporations: Roever and Associates, and Roever Educational Assistance Programs (REAP), Dave is able to fulfill his desire to raise up an army of healed and equipped disciples.

Matt Roever, M.A.
COO, Roever & Associates

Matt has experience ranging from pulpit ministry to serving as Academic Dean of Operation Warrior RECONnect. He delivers a powerful message of hope and restoration using stories from his life and from America’s young warriors. 


Dan Dang, Ph.D. 
Executive Vice President
REAP International

Because of Dan's efforts, REAP International was birthed in 1993 and is now a multi-pronged outreach of compassion to the children and adults of Vietnam. He also serves Global University as the Director of Outreach to Vietnamese people

Al Roever, D.Min.
Executive Director, REAP International
Visionary Leader, SUM Cohort

A former atheist, Al is driven by a passion to prevent young people from falling into the same trap he did. His teaching is designed to force people to think deeply about their beliefs and to develop an ability to communicate their faith clearly, 

Wallace Headshot.jpg
Dave Wallace, D.Min. 
Executive Director of Global Education
REAP International
Michael Snook, D.Min.
Director of Veteran Affairs
REAP International

Dave, a native of Richmond Virginia, has been a church planter and Senior Pastor in Seattle and Oakland. Dave has significant ministry experience in a wide array of areas. His passionate calling involves mentoring and teaching,

Michael joined the Army and served in Vietnam for two years. He now reaches out to veterans wherever he goes and has a heart for the Vietnamese people. He shares a message of hope, deliverance, and reliance on Christ for all things. 

Mary Gaither_edited_resized-7-20212.png
Mary Gaither, D.Min.
Administration & Project
Management Director
REAP International

Mary's various responsibilities include acting as program facilitator /liaison with military organizations, 3rd party owned facilities, and colleges. She also works closely with students to equip and empower them for the future.

available to speak at your church, school, or event
  • Angela Hough (Texas): Co-founder and CEO of Heritage Design Studio. CEO of Opportunity, Inc.

  • Bob Knoblauch (Michigan): Vietnam Veteran, Marine Corps forward observer in Vietnam, retired local government.

  • Carol Knoblauch (Michigan): Administrative Assistant for Music and Children's Ministry at local church.

  • Dan Puuri (Michigan): Retired private sector. CEO of Hope Charitable Foundation.

  • Al (Fons) Roever, IV (Texas): Audio Visual Engineer in the private sector.

  • Emanuel Williams (Georgia): Vietnam Veteran, Colonel in the Green Beret, Chaplain for the Assemblies of God. Retired local government.

  • Dr. Marti Williams (Texas: Director for Bethesda Church School of Ministry, School Board Member for Bethesda Christian K-12 School.

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