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 Global/REAP International School of Discipleship exists to provide spiritual discipleship for effective ministry. The biblical admonition, - “study to show thyself approved,” - should be taken as more than a suggestion. I take it as a commandment. There is nothing darker than ignorance and nothing more enlightening than knowledge.

Christian Life Series

Christian Service Series


Discipleship Program

(Christian Life Series)


Unit 1

  • Book 1: CL1110 Your New Life (Spiritual Life)

  • Book 2: CL2120 Your Bible (The Bible)

  • Book 3: CL3130 Who Jesus Is (Theology)

  • Book 4: CL4140 The Church (The Church)

  • Book 5: CL5150 Personal Evangelism (Service)

  • Book 6: CL6160 Bible Ethics (Christian Ethics)

Unit 2

  • Book 7: CL1210 When You Pray (Spiritual Life)

  • Book 8: CL2220 How to Study the Bible (The Bible)

  • Book 9: CL3230 Your Helpful Friend (Theology)

  • Book 10: CL4240 Christian Worship (The Church)

  • Book 11: CL5250 Christian Workers (Service)

  • Book 12: CL6260 Marriage and the Home      (Christian Ethics)

Unit 3 ​​

  • Book 13: CL1310 God's Design-Your Choice    (Spiritual Life)

  • Book 14: CL2320 John's Gospel (The Bible)

  • Book 15: CL3330 We Believe (Theology)

  • Book 16: CL4340 What Churches Do (The Church)

  • Book 17: CL5350 The Teaching Ministry (Service)

  • Book 18: CL6360 The Christian in His Community  (Christian Ethics)

Leadership Training Program

(Christian Service Series)


Unit 1

  • Book 1: CS1111 Christian Maturity (Spiritual Life)

  • Book 2: CS2121 Kingdom, Power, and Glory (The Bible)

  • Book 3: CS3131 Cornerstones of Truth (Theology)

  • Book 4: CS4141 The Christian Church in Ministry (The Church)

  • Book 5: CS5151 Spiritual Gifts (Service)

  • Book 6: CS6161 Solving Life's Problems (Christian Ethics)

Unit 2

  • Book 7: CS1211 Prayer and Worship (Spiritual Life)

  • Book 8: CS2221 Tents, Temples, and Palaces (The Bible)

  • Book 9: CS3231 Alive in Christ (Theology)

  • Book 10: CS4241 Starting New Churches (The Church)

  • Book 11: CS5251 Preaching and Teaching (Service)

  • Book 12: CS6261 People, Tasks, and Goals​​ (Christian Ethics)

Unit 3

  • Book 13: CS1311 The Responsible Christian​ (Spiritual Life)

  • Book 14: CS2321 Understanding the Bible (The Bible)

  • Book 15: CS3331 Counselor, Teacher, and Guide (Theology)

  • Book 16: CS4341 Helping Christians Grow (The Church)

  • Book 17: CS5351 Sharing the Good News (Service)

  • Book 18: CS6361 Abundant Living (Christian Ethics)

Apply Login

STEP 1: Apply/Login

Submit a student application and indicate whether you're interested as an individual or as a group/organization to receive login info. Visit for a free sample of Book #1, "Your New Life. "


STEP 2: Documents/Videos

AFTER you have been provided login info via Step 1, the documents below will help you better understand the discipleship process. Individual online applicants will be assigned a Certified Teacher.

Global/REAP School of Discipleship

Student Discipleship English
 ssStude Program Overview

Student Training Videos

Global/REAP School of Discipleship

Instructor English
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